Laboratory for high voltage and lightning current

Services provided by the high voltage laboratory and the lightning current laboratory:

  • Performance of high-voltage tests (alternating voltage, direct voltage, pulsed voltage, also combined)
  • Performance of high-current tests (alternating current, direct current, pulsed current, also combined)
  • Performance of industrial tests accompanying development
  • Performance of routine tests
  • Performance of special tests
  • Performance of destructive and non-destructive tests
  • Performance of standard tests according to VDE, IEC, IEEE, ISO, etc.

Facilities of the laboratory area

Lightning current range:

  • Lightning current generator up to 350 kA (10/350) µs
  • Mains sequence current test device up to 440 V, 3 kA, cos phi adjustable
  • Pulse current generator up to 350 kA (8/20) µs
  • Multiple lightning current generator for 10 lightning current pulses of the form (4/10) µs and (8/20) µs
  • Long-wave current generator (600 V, 400 A)
  • Heating tests

High voltage range:

  • 12-stage surge voltage generator up to 1.2 MV (pulse shape: 1.2/50 µs and 250/2500 µs)
  • High-voltage test transformer up to 600 kV RMS (PD-free)
  • High-voltage kit for 100 kV, cascadable up to 200 kV
  • VLF sine wave up to 68 kV
  • Withstand voltage tests on insulators, components and equipment in electrical power engineering
  • Measurement of partial discharge (PD) according to VDE IEC, UHF, acoustic, non-conventional
  • Online PD measurement in customer installations (medium voltage/high voltage)
  • Measurement of dissipation factor (tan delta)
  • Measurement of tracking resistance CTI/PTI
  • Measurement of breakdown voltage/field strength of solids and insulating liquids at AC, DC or pulse
  • Powerless measuring equipment Starke-Schröder

Management consultancy, training courses (FH and customer seminars):

  • VDE training: Partial discharge measurement
  • DC voltage in electrical power engineering
  • Reading, understanding and applying standards
  • Hands On! Practical measurements in the laboratory/test field
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) for measurement data evaluation