Laboratory for high voltage and lightning current

The laboratory, which was established in 2002, is equipped with modern, cutting-edge technology. The lightning current laboratory was accredited at the start of 2006.

Services provided by the high voltage laboratory and the accredited lightning current laboratory:

  • Consultation on the design of high voltage products
  • Conduct of assignments related to short circuits and power flow
  • Consultation on lightning and surge protection for equipment and industrial facilities
  • Conduct of high voltage, AC, DC and impulse voltage tests
  • Conduct of lightning current tests on industrial products

Facilities within the laboratory

High voltage area:

  • 12-stage surge voltage generator up to 1.2 MV (pulse forms: 1.2/50 µs and 2500/2500 µs)
  • Rectifier test circuit up to 400 kV
  • High voltage test transformer up to 600 kV RMS (non-TE)
  • High voltage assembly kit for 100 kV (cascadable up to 200 kV)
  • AC high voltage test device 15 kV
  • TE measuring equipment
  • Schering bridge with normal capacitor 50 pF
  • Starke-Schröder measuring device
  • Chubb & Fortescue measuring device
  • AC grid model
  • Spectral photometer (Philips)
  • Gas chromatograph (Unicam)
  • Computer pool for controlling, evaluating and simulating measurements and experiments incl. a variety of software packages on short circuit and power flow calculations (Neplan) and circuit calculation (PSPICE)

Accredited lightning voltage area:

  • Lightning current generator 200 kA (10/350) µs
  • Secondary current test device, direct (up to 440 V, 3 kA), cos adjustable
  • Power pulse current generator for 200 kA (8/20) µs
  • Multiple lightning current generator for 10 lightning current pulses, form: (4/10) µs and (8/20) µs
  • Long-wave current generator (600 V, 400 A)