Departments of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences

The Kiel University of Applied Sciences is the largest university of applied sciences in Schleswig-Holstein, with six faculties, 19 courses of studies, 17 courses of studies in further education and advanced professional training, and some 7,500 students.

It was founded on 1 August 1969, when a number of national schools of engineering and advanced technical schools merged under the Fachhochschulgesetz (law on the universities of applied sciences). Some of its departments draw on nearly 140 years of tradition.

The Kiel University of Applied Sciences has its registered office in the Land Capital Kiel, with the fife faculties of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Social Work and Health, Business Management, and Media located at the new campus in the Dietrichsdorf district. The faculty Agriculture is located in Osterrönfeld, near Rendsburg.

Owing to its size and its wide range of subjects, the Kiel University of Applied Sciences is of outstanding, supra-regional significance. It is, in terms of its curriculum, the only fully developed university of applied sciences in Schleswig-Holstein. Its courses of studies are internationally oriented to a high degree: for example, through subject-integrated language training including technical seminars in foreign languages and through the extensive student exchange programme with over 100 institutions of higher education in more than 40 countries.

The high level of practical relevance, a range of courses of studies that match the demands of the labour market and the close integration into the economy of Kiel and its surrounding region are all fundamental features of the University. The Kiel University of Applied Sciences is very actively engaged in technology transfer. The technology representative acts as an intermediary for establishing contacts and promotes collaboration between institutions of higher education, companies and other institutions in the region.

Other institutions of higher education

Should the range of services provided by the Kiel University of Applied Sciences not suffice, then we will gladly collaborate with other academic institutions in Schleswig-Holstein, to come up with concrete, economically viable solutions for the challenges our clients face.