Fire, air, earth, and water – the four elements of life and a symbol for science.

This is our home territory, for the economic benefit of our customers, since no enterprise can be competitive without research and development (R&D), neither today nor in the future. On the other hand, maintaining your own R&D department is costly, and highly qualified scientists and inventors can be barely affordable.

The R&D centre Kiel University of Applied Sciences GmbH should be your first point of call when it comes to R&D, since we have the full potential of a university of applied sciences and the combined knowledge of over 150 academic staff at our disposal to support you, with tailor-made solutions, on your path to economic success.

The company manages the Competence Centre Renewable Energies and Climate Protection Schleswig-Holstein (EEK-SH) and operates the FINO3 research platform in the North Sea.

Eine Computermaus als Symbol für einen Klick
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